After much anticipation, Canberra fans finally got what they were asking for.

Damsel & Sprout brought the ONE DAY BLOCK PARTY to Canberra.

Following the formula of the ONE DAY SUNDAYS parties held around Australia, the party combined the finest hip hop and RnB DJs in Canberra, live graffiti from Jimmy Nice and PAW, incredible food & drinks in a beautiful outdoor venue, to create Australia’s favourite day party.

They sent some Sydney representation in the form of the ONE DAY DJs, – the man himself JOYRIDE and Spit Syndicate’s LUPI along with Horrorshow’s ADIT who played epic DJ sets like you’ve come to expect from One Day.

They also recruited some local talent with a DJ set from HAU as well as DJ SLIM

It ain’t a ONE DAY BLOCK PARTY without the talent of some amazing graffiti artists, so the brought in local legend PAW and Spit Syndicates Jimmy Nice to paint 2 large murals live at the party.

This is one event we will definitely be bringing back to Canberra